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Haidilao US

Restaurant / Brand Campaign


  • Low-threshold Set Meals: Introduce specially curated set meals that cater to Western tastes while providing an authentic hot pot experience at an attractive price point.

  • Ramen Challenge Event: Implement an in-store Ramen Challenge to create an engaging and memorable dining experience. Promote the event through social media channels to create buzz and encourage participation.

  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with local food influencers to promote the set meals and the Ramen Challenge, highlighting the ease of trying out Haidilao's offerings.


  • Develop the set meals with input from culinary experts to ensure appeal to Western customers.

  • Organize the Ramen Challenge, set rules and prizes, and create an event calendar.

  • Partner with influencers to create content around the set meals and Ramen Challenge, sharing their experiences across social media platforms.

Background: Haidilao USA aims to introduce its hot pot dining experience to a Western clientele unfamiliar with the brand.

Objective: Attract first-time Western customers by offering low-threshold set meals for an easy initial tasting experience.

Expected Outcome:

  • Increased foot traffic from first-time customers.

  • Enhanced online presence and brand awareness among Western consumers.

  • Membership sign-ups from new customers eager to enjoy ongoing benefits.

Measurement of Success:

  • Track the number of set meals sold and Ramen Challenge participants.

  • Monitor social media engagement metrics and influencer content performance.

  • Measure membership growth post-campaign.

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