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ATO is a high-end Japanese restaurant that focuses on the craft and ingredients of artisan Japanese cuisine. It is owned by a major Japanese seafood supplier in GTA and led by an executive chef with 30 years of experience. 


Our goal was to get more customers to experience the freshness and the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Japanese cuisine at ATO through an event that everyone in Toronto would love to see and participate in. The event would also act as a window to showcase the business culture, products, and the team as the central highlight.

Story of a Giant Bluefin Tuna

With support from a self-owned seafood supplier, the restaurant boasts the ability to source a variety of rare seafood species. As a result, the decision was to host a Giant Bluefin Cutting Show in Japanese traditions to strengthen customers’ impression of rare ingredients and fresh qualities that were typical of a high-end Japanese restaurant like ATO. A 500lb bluefin would be the perfect embodiment of seasonal rarities.


Business Relevance:

The ownership of a major seafood supplier ensured the ability to source the largest bluefin tuna in Toronto. Sales would not be an issue. Above all, what differentiates ATO from other Japanese restaurants is the experience in cutting techniques, resources, and a team of talents.


Independent Transmission:

The limited-time Omakase in combination with a specialized dine-in card created a one-of-a-kind experience that customers couldn’t help sharing.


Emotional Needs:

After the event, most customers became aware of the restaurant’s high-end positioning. The sharing and dining experience reinforced their acceptance.


Functional Needs:

Gustatory satisfaction is fulfilled by fresh and original cuisines.


The Approach


The invited participation by influencers facilitated the spread of event-related content and opinions. The live Japanese traditional music performance echoed the cultural root shared by culinary and performance arts. 


All media content was customized based on brand identity, facilitated through ad placement as it was communicated across traditional and social media platforms.


A customized landing page, where customers booked reservations for Omakase, was combined with MMAS (Monet Marketing Automation System) to build ongoing relationships with leads for ATO restaurant.


  • Influencer Marketing

  • Content Production

  • Email Promotion

  • Web Development

  • PR Strategy

  • Event Photography

  • Offline Event Plan and Organize

  • Social Media Ads

  • Social Media Management






Influencers participated


Revenue Boost


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