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RED leads young people in making consumption decisions

90% of users know brand/product information on RED. As a platform that has risen rapidly in recent years, RED particularly supports merchants, especially in the Canadian market. Most Chinese will search and learn about corporate products and services through RED.

RED IN-stream Ads

Different from influencer/KOL promotions, in-stream advertisement is an advertising method authorized by the RED official. It can be pushed in a targeted manner according to the region (Canada), gender, age, interests, keywords, etc.

  • Recommandation Post

  • Sales Leads

  • DM Marketing

  • Collaboration


RED Search Advertising

The advertiser determines relevant keywords according to the contents and characteristics of its own products and services, and Monet will be responsible for writing the ad content. When users enter keywords in the search box, the advertising system will automatically split and identify valuable business terms and recommend them to the users.

The ads will appear from the third post onwards on the community search page.



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