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Credit Card Payment



Brand Campaign

Background: UnionPay seeks to increase its usage among young Chinese students in the USA.

Objective: Promote the exclusive discounts available to UnionPay cardholders when using Uber or UberEats.


  • Target Audience Identification: Focus on young Chinese students, particularly women studying in the US, who are interested in lifestyle content.

  • KOL Selection: Curate a list of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who resonate with the target demographic and have a significant following in the lifestyle and student segments.


  • Partner with KOLs who are currently studying in the US and can naturally integrate UnionPay's discounts into their content.

  • Encourage KOLs to share their experiences using UnionPay for Uber rides and UberEats orders, emphasizing convenience and savings.

  • Use storytelling and personal experiences to make the promotion relatable and appealing.

Expected Outcome:

  • Increase in UnionPay transactions on Uber and UberEats.

  • Higher engagement and brand recall among the target audience.

Measurement of Success:

  • Track engagement rates and discount code usage from KOL promotions.

  • Monitor the growth in the number of transactions by students using UnionPay on Uber and UberEats.

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